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DWIGHT BURKHOLDER is a story-teller by nature whose writings are inspired by his life-long love of hunting, the outdoors, and travel which has taken him to five continents. A hopeless romantic, Dwight possesses a keen understanding of the human heart and enjoys combining nature and romance to captivate the wild and adventurous spirit of men and women alike. Once you pick up this book, you won't be able to put it down and you'll be asking for more! Dwight received a diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature and always welcomes a chance to speak about his life experiences of hunting, travel, and faith. He lives in Virginia with his wife - his one and only true love.

The Preacher's Dear  by Dwight Burkholder

Sparks Fly as City and Country Collide

Pastor Jim Black is excited. The most anticipated week of his year is quickly approaching - a week of hunting with his best friends in Pennsylvania. Jim, his favorite cousin, Andrea, and her husband George are packed and ready to go, that is, until Susan Handley, Andrea's old college roommate, unexpectedly shows up with her baggage full of emotional needs and looking for help just as the trip is about to begin.
Susan, having unexpectedly lost her husband two years ago, is struggling with depression and anger at God, unable to move beyond her grief. Jim doesn't think things can get worse until Andrea invites this troubled city girl to join them on their week of hunting and fun. Will this unexpected guest threaten to spoil the whole week or will her presence be the key to making this the best year ever?
The Preacher's Dear is a story of the powerful effect of love, grace, and friendship in the midst of pain and redemption. Written with humor and emotion, this tale of hunting and romance between two very different and unlikely people will leave you cheering for love.

The Farmer's Dear  by Dwight Burkholder

Two People, Two Dreams, One Farm

Frank Emerson is concerned. With a sick father and a sick neighbor both in need of his help to keep their farms going, he'll have to give up his job - the job that would've provided the finances needed for his last semester of college. More than anything, Frank wants to run his own farm. But how can he find the girl God wants him to marry and settle down if he's unable to graduate and move forward with his life.
Gloria Wilson is frustrated. She's in her final year of nursing school and since her Grandfather's stroke, she's been living with her grandparents to help them out. The problem? She's busy working on earning a degree while they're busy playing mathchmaker. Set to inherit the farm, she doesn't want a prearranged marriage simply for the good of the farm. Can she find a way to convince them she's capable of making her own decisions?
The Farmer's Dear draws two unlikely people together as they're both searhing for answers and dreaming about their futures. Full of mischief and sentiment, The Farmer's Dear will charm and entertain to the last page.